Trump: We’ve had enough of aluminum door doors

The president’s tweet is likely a response to a letter from Sen. Mike Lee (R-Utah) asking the Trump administration to address concerns about the use of aluminum foil on doors in the United States.

Lee wrote that aluminum foil “has been used in our homes and commercial buildings for more than 100 years, and is in widespread use in the manufacture of virtually all major consumer products.”

Lee’s letter came just two days after the Environmental Protection Agency issued a report that said the agency is not “in the business of regulating aluminum foil.”

That report was the first public acknowledgement of aluminum’s potential use in buildings, but many in the industry remain skeptical of the EPA’s findings.

“In the years since the E.P.A. issued its preliminary report, there has been no credible scientific evidence to support its conclusion that aluminum is a primary contributor to the accumulation of airborne particulate matter, the primary health pollutant for Americans,” Lee wrote in his letter to Trump.

“It is critical that the EPD address the serious concerns that have been raised about the safety and environmental impacts of aluminum as a primary component of residential and commercial air quality.”

Trump tweeted earlier this week that the government should regulate aluminum.

In a series of tweets on Monday, the president suggested that aluminum could be used in “all manner of products” and that it could be a major component of the “silver bullet” for reducing carbon emissions.

He also said aluminum was “very cheap,” adding that aluminum used in airplanes, cars, and televisions “is almost the same price as coal.”

Trump has faced criticism for suggesting that aluminum should be regulated.

The Trump administration has said it has no plans to regulate aluminum, which is used in a variety of products and is manufactured in a range of countries.