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When Trump signs law, it will be a boon for aluminum dealers

President Donald Trump signed a bill on Thursday that would expand the use of aluminum as a material in building materials and vehicles.

The bill, which the White House announced it will submit to Congress on Monday, expands the use by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) of aluminum, which is the same material used in aluminum fixtures and door frames, as well as aluminum fixtures, door panels, and other items.

“This is a historic day for America,” Trump said during the signing ceremony.

“We are proud to welcome this historic change to our nation’s building codes.”

The EPA’s aluminum use has been growing for years as a substitute for concrete in buildings and in some parts of the country, including the District of Columbia.

But it has come under increased scrutiny since Trump took office in January, following the deadly chemical attack on a school in Connecticut in September.

The EPA announced in March that it would require that all concrete used in building construction be made of aluminum.

The new law would also expand the number of materials that can be used for the process.

“Aluminum is a major source of the structural and compositional properties of our buildings, and we’re confident that this legislation will allow our aluminum projects to go forward,” said Lisa Jackson, deputy administrator of the EPA, in a statement.

The Senate passed the bill last month and is expected to take up it on Monday.

It was the latest in a series of bipartisan efforts to expand the EPA’s authority to regulate materials used in new building projects.

It’s not clear whether the new law will be approved by the House, which has not yet taken up the bill.