The Lad God is Here

From the Bible: Leviticus 20:1-4, 20:5-8,20:12, 20.7,20.8,21:1,21.4,22:5,22.5,24:9,24.1,25:12.10,26:9-11,26.1-11 and 26.2-13: God speaks to Moses and tells him that the Lord has spoken to him, says God: “I have given you a land and a city, and I have given them to you to build an altar to my name and to honor my name, and to bless them.

And you shall worship before me.

And your gods will serve you.

And I will be their God.”

Leviticuses 22:5 and 22:12-13, 23:7-8 and 24:9 all speak of God calling Moses, Aaron and God himself to the altar of the Lord, to the place of sacrifice and sacrifice and offering. 

This is the beginning of the covenant between God and man, and this is the end of the end for those who believe in Jesus Christ. 

The word of God is trustworthy, and the word of truth is living scripture. 

There are some who think that the word is so great that it can never be changed, and that God has a divine plan and will never let anything go. 

It is the Bible, and it is not up to man to change it. 

As an Old Testament writer, Solomon wrote of God as saying: “He that loves me, let him keep his promise and he shall be mine.” 

The apostle Paul writes of God: “The Spirit of God dwells in me; the whole heart of him is within me; and I am in the Spirit of him that sent me.” 

“If you would love me, keep my commandments, and keep them well.” 

And the prophet Isaiah writes of a future day when God will bless us: I will make my covenant with you; I will make the Lord your God. 

“When the Lord makes an everlasting covenant, it will be with him forever and ever.” 

In Psalms 44:11 we read of a great and powerful God: The Lord God is one. 

He has formed the heavens and the earth, and his word is in them, and he is the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. 

And in Ezekiel: God hath stretched out his hand and stretched it out in heaven, and will come down from heaven with the clouds, and His word is with the nations, and they will know that He is true, for He will give them understanding. 

In Ezekiel: He has created heaven and earth, waters, and mountains, and is in heaven. 

 “I have made them the sun, the moon, and all that is in the firmament.” 

This was an ancient prophecy, and God’s word is true. 

These are the words of the prophets and apostles. 

All who believe will receive an eternal reward for obeying them. 

I am speaking from the perspective of the New Testament Bible. 

If the New Bible is true and God is the same today as he was then, and no matter what we believe, we are going to have to follow His word. 

God has given the New World to us, and He will be faithful to that trust. 

We cannot change God’s Word. 

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