How to buy the most attractive aluminium doors in Mumbai

Mumbai: The Mumbai Metropolitan Region Planning Authority (MMPR) on Thursday issued guidelines to the public on the preferred metal alloy for aluminium doors.

The MMPR said the new metal alloy, aluminium pivot doors will be offered to the residents of the Mumbai metropolitan region.

The MMMPR said aluminium pivot door is one of the best quality of doors in the market.

The guidelines for aluminum doors stated that aluminum pivot door should be a metal alloy with a strength of 2.25 kPa, while the door is to be free from defects.

Aluminum pivot door comes in two sizes and the size of the door can be changed in the order of the exterior colour and the thickness of the aluminum foil.

The aluminium doors come in two varieties: the standard and the premium.

The premium doors come with an aluminum hinge.

The premium doors have a metal foil covering around the edges of the doors and the aluminium foil has a higher resistance to moisture and moisture vapour.

The standard doors also have a plastic coating around the sides of the aluminium hinge.

The aluminium foil cover can be removed.

The MMMR said the doors are also made from high quality metal, while a low-end aluminium hinges are used to provide a premium feel to the door.

The doors are available in standard, premium and low-grade.