‘Dunkirk’ star ‘delivers a solid performance’ with Alaskan submarine

Fox Sports has released its 2016 All-Access Baseball Team of the Year.

The All-Star game presented by Converse is the first All-American Baseball team since 1990.

Fox Sports’ all-time leading All-America Team is joined by a pair of All-Americans from their respective leagues.

First, the Cubs’ Kyle Schwarber was honored with his first All in the All-Time Series.

He led the American League in WAR, earned Player of the Week honors and was named to his first two All-Decade teams.

Second, outfielder Bryce Harper was honored for his contributions to the American Association in his second All-Stars.

He hit .317 with 25 home runs and 74 RBIs.

Finally, the Mets’ Noah Syndergaard was honored after winning the NL Rookie of the Month award for October.

He went 12-for-20 with seven home runs, five doubles, one triple, one home run, seven RBIs and five walks in 15 games, the most in the NL.

All-Pro outfielder Bryce Brentz was honored on his second all-star team after leading the National League in stolen bases and hitting .348 with 23 home runs.

He finished the year with 42 home runs on the year and finished second in the National Leaguers in RBIs, while his 15 steals were second in all of baseball. 

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