Apple to unveil a 3D printer, an app, and a camera at WWDC 2017

Hacker News article Posted by: Steve McShane | Apr 10, 2017 1:39:26 Apple’s WWDC keynote is just getting started.

It’s about to get a little more intense.

The company has confirmed that it will be showcasing a 3d printer and a 3rd party app for iOS devices.

The app, called ‘3D Printer’, will be available for iOS 8 and the next generation of iOS devices, and will allow users to make 3D prints of anything they like.

The device will also have an app that allows people to print their own models of the new Apple Watch.

The iPhone 6 and 6 Plus will be in a 3DS Max-like 3D scanner and will be able to scan objects in 3D with ease.

The 3D scanning feature will be built into the software, the company has said.

This is a new approach to 3D printing, and the company hopes it will allow them to improve the quality of 3D objects, which is what Apple’s 3D printers are all about.

We’ve seen a lot of hype around 3D technology in the past couple of years, but Apple’s new approach could have a significant impact on 3D print adoption in the future.

3D scanners are already very popular in many industries.

They’re cheaper than traditional 3D-printing methods, and they’re a fantastic way to quickly get a new piece of tech into people’s hands.

There is also the added benefit of getting the most out of the hardware you buy.

3DSMax printers can print things that are as small as a smartphone screen and can even work with your phone to produce a 3-D print.

The 3D printed iPhone 6 will have a 3.5-inch display, which can be used to create the kind of images you see in the demo video.

The iPhone 6 Plus also has a screen, which will be used for the camera in the 3D Printers app.

The new technology has also attracted attention from some big names in the tech industry.

Microsoft, Google, and Apple have all announced plans to 3-DOF printers at WWD.

Microsoft and Google announced their plans to build a 3DOF printer in 2018.

This year, Google will be using the technology in its new Surface Pro 3 and Microsoft is building its own 3D Printing platform called Surface Fusion.

Apple has yet to announce its plans for 3D, but it could be in the works at WWd.

The full list of announcements for Apple’s 2018 conference is expected to be announced next week.