Aluminum glazed doors are an ugly and dangerous design

Aluminum glazing doors are ugly and a dangerous design, says a Mumbai-based architectural firm.

A recent article in the local newspaper, Hindustan Times, quoted the architect K P Gupta as saying that aluminum doors are “a cheap, cheap, ugly, ugly design.”

Gupta said that it was only the “dazzling colors and elegant lines” that made aluminum glazing “a stylish, attractive design”.

Gupta’s comments came after the Mumbai-headquartered architecture firm K P Guptas Architects, which had designed the aluminum glaze doors of the Rani Bhabha hotel in Kolkata, recently unveiled the “Aluminum Glazed Doors” exhibit in Mumbai.

Gupta, a renowned architect, said that aluminum glazes can be a problem for people living in apartments, as they “do not match the light in their apartments.”

He added that the lack of transparency in glazing, which is “sad and depressing”, is also a problem.

The glass panes of aluminum glaziers are “like glass beads that can be broken,” Gupta said.

“They can break if there is no maintenance and no maintenance in the glass.

They are cheap, they are cheap.

They will shatter and they will shatter very easily.”

In a similar vein, Gupts added that glass glazing could be a danger to the people living inside a home, as it is “not durable”.

According to the architect, a glass pane that has been covered in aluminum can shatter when the glass is exposed to sunlight.

The aluminum glazer design has “never been tested,” Gupta added.

According to Gupta, “the design of aluminum doors is a serious design problem.”

He said that “aluminum glazing is not good enough for people who live in apartments,” and added that “it should be done as a safety precaution”.

The Architectural Forum of India (AFI), a leading organisation of architects and architects’ associations, has termed the design of the aluminum doors of Rani Babha as “an ugly and bad design”.

It has also criticised the use of aluminum, and called for a ban on aluminum doors.

The AFI has called for “a ban on all aluminium door styles and materials, and for the ban on the use and production of aluminium door glass”.

Guptas also called for the “design of aluminum window frames to be banned”, and said that, “as per the law, no person can have a single-person home”.

He also said that the use or production of aluminum door glass was “a major violation of the law”.

Gupton said that metal panels were a cheaper alternative to aluminum door frames, and added “that metal panels are a cheap, easy to make, easy and cheap material”.