Aluminum dog door for $3,700

Google News article Google has unveiled a new dog door, made with aluminum and aluminum-plastic, for $1,700.

The dog door is the latest addition to its growing line of dog door products.

The company first announced the dog door back in 2014, and the product has quickly gained traction with consumers.

The company says the dog doors come with a 3-year warranty and a lifetime warranty, so they should last you a long time.

The dog door comes with a removable door panel that folds down to form a smaller dog door that can be attached to your vehicle.

The front door panel also folds down and attaches to your door.

A sliding latch on the rear of the dog gate lets you pull your dog out of the door and open the door when you need to.

It has an opening on the top for you to insert a food item into the dog’s mouth and to place it inside.

The new dog gate is similar to the ones that are on the market today.

It’s made of a polyurethane material, which is used for dog gate panels.

This material is less durable than the ABS, and is more likely to crack, break or chip than the polyurethan it is to be durable.

The material is made from a mixture of polyethylene and polypropylene, which are known to be very durable.

The product comes with two different sizes.

The first size is about the same size as a standard dog gate, which has an open bottom.

The second size has an extra opening that allows you to slide the dog into the open dog gate when you’re ready to leave.

The aluminum dog gate has a smooth and clean finish, and it comes with four rubber feet for added security.

Google says the aluminum dog gates are ideal for dog walkers, pets, and children who need a more secure dog gate.

The design is similar, except that it doesn’t have a sliding door panel.

Instead, the door panels fold down and slide in and out of your vehicle’s rear window when you want to get out of it.

This makes it easier for kids and pets to get into and out.

The two front doors are open, allowing dogs to get a good look at your car.

The dogs are equipped with two sensors that can detect when they see a dog and open and close their door, which means the dogs can also smell if the dogs are coming in or out of their car.

The doors are made from aluminum and are lightweight enough that you can take them for a spin around the block or just leave them out for a few hours.

The price is $3.95 per door, or $2,300 for the set of four.

It will be available to order soon, so make sure to order your dog gates before then to save even more money.