When you have a French aluminum door, why not a French one?

A French aluminum-framed door with a French accent is one of the more unique styles, and is often associated with Paris and its environs.

While many other styles have been made by hand, some were created with a simple hammer and nail.

The metal frame, called a dubai or dubey, was used in French and Italian-style doors and windows.

The name dubai derives from the Arabic for “door,” and means a door with three sides, or hinges.

Dubey doors were popular among the nobility of Paris during the Middle Ages, but eventually fell out of favor as French manufacturing techniques were put to the test by the Industrial Revolution.

But in recent years, some are being re-purposed and re-appreciated as functional, stylish homes.

Alumina, a British brand that sells a range of modern and vintage home furnishings, recently launched a series of modern home décor inspired by the metal-framing style.

A new line of contemporary home découples is inspired by Italian furniture designer Luigi Mazzoni, who created furniture with metal frames for the late 1800s and early 1900s.

The brand’s Dubey house décor, inspired by Mazzonis classic Italian designs, has been inspired by modern design trends and the modern era.

Alumni from the Alumino brand who collaborated on the brand’s Aluminna line include former Aluminia head of creative and brand communications Matt McPhee and co-founder and creative director of Alumini Tom Hilderbrand.

Alumnus, a small business in Australia, opened its doors in 2014 and has now created over 50,000 contemporary and vintage items, including furniture, home décolors, and even a hand-painted sculpture of a black-and-white Alumia mural.