How to upgrade your iPhone 7 to the latest version of Apple’s iOS 11 – review

Apple has just released a new version of iOS 11 to improve the reliability of iPhone 7 models, which includes improvements for the aluminum back door and aluminum back cover.iPhone 7 models will be the first to receive the update, with the software being rolled out to all iPhone 7 devices on October 13.

The update includes a number of improvements and bug fixes, and while the iPhone 7 is one of the few devices that still uses an older version of the iPhone operating system, Apple has announced that iOS 11.1 will be rolled out with a new design.

In the new iOS 11, the phone’s aluminum back plate will no longer be plastic, instead featuring the new Apple logo.

Apple is also adding a new “Apple logo” icon on the top left of the phone, replacing the older “iPhone logo”.

In addition, the front-facing camera now has a circular flash, and the new design also allows for a larger display on the back of the device.

Apple has also updated the default setting for iOS, bringing the feature back to the “Always On” option.

Previously, it had been the default, but iOS 11 allows you to enable the feature if you are running low on battery.

As with the previous iOS 11 update, Apple is rolling out a new security update to fix issues with the security certificates that iOS has to be able to sign into your device, which means that your phone’s security certificate should now be valid and signed by Apple.

Apple also announced a number new features in iOS 11 including the ability to share photos from iPhoto and Messages apps with the rest of your iPhone, and new settings for the camera app.

As usual, you can check out the full iOS 11 release notes over on the Apple website.