Cronos Aluminum Doors: Are They Good For You?

CronOS Aluminum Door: Are they good for you?

 These days I’m looking for a nice aluminum door to put on my truck and I’m also looking for something that doesn’t look cheap or have a lot of stuff to throw on it.

 The problem with aluminum doors is that they are heavy, have a low center of gravity, and aren’t very durable.

The only way to get these things to work is to take them apart and rebuild them.

I’ve been fortunate enough to have done some of these repair jobs in the past and they’ve been great.

But there are a few problems with aluminum door repairs that make them really, really, not good.


Aluminum doors don’t have enough support The first problem with these doors is the fact that the doors are made out of aluminum.

This is true whether it’s the aluminum body that makes up the door frame or the aluminum doors themselves.

These aluminum doors are heavy and have a tendency to sag.


The metal in the aluminum door frame tends to warpWhen you use a strong, heavy door like a truck, you need to be careful not to tear the metal away from the metal underneath it.

If you tear the aluminum, you can damage the doors themselves and potentially cause damage to the metal under the doorframe.


Aluminum door hinges don’t always slide rightWhen you are driving on a busy highway, it’s important that you do not let the door open and close without first checking the hinges.

A quick inspection of the hinges in a car or truck usually tells you that the hinges have a good enough lock.


Aluminum hinges can wear out aluminum hinges can also wear out very quickly, especially if you’re going to be using them for many years.


Aluminum metal doors can break the hinges can break a lot if you don’t replace them often, especially on older aluminum doors.

The solution to these problems is simple: Don’t buy these doors.

They’re not worth it.

You can check out a video of one of my CronOs aluminum door repair projects below: CronOS aluminum doors: The bottom lineThis is not a good investment for you.

You can make the most of your aluminum doors if you take the time to take the steps necessary to keep them in good condition and safe.

It’s a good idea to check out these repair guides for more information about how to repair aluminum doors that are not as expensive as the original ones.

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