Black aluminum door from Tesla, a little more than $400

Black aluminum doors are still a niche product, but they’ve seen some success in Tesla’s new Model 3 sedan.

The company has launched a new version of its new model, the Model 3X, and Tesla has a new black aluminum version for the Model S sedan, as well.

But the company is starting to make more than its fair share of these doors.

The Model 3 black aluminum doors, which come with a $1,500 price tag, are the first new aluminum doors to be available for Tesla since the Model 2 sedan.

Tesla is also launching the new Tesla Model 3D, and it looks like it will be available soon as well, too.

The black aluminum Model 3 door is just $399.99 on Tesla’s website.

The price tag is a bit steep, but it’s still a nice deal for a quality product, especially since it has a base price of $299.99.

Tesla’s black aluminum Door 2 was released in December 2016.