When Aluminium is a Cheap, Reliable, Affordable Alternative to Aluminum

by Alix Pongolle – 10:06AM ET Thu, 10 Oct 2018 | 00:46Related: Aluminium panels will save you money, but cost you a lot of money.

A new article on CNBC shows a new product from the Aluminum panel company Alix that is cheap, reliable and cheap to manufacture.

The company’s aluminum panels are made using a special process that produces a high quality product at a very low cost.

Alix said it made the aluminum panels using aluminum, a highly conductive material, because it wanted to reduce the costs of making aluminum panels by making them cheaper and easier to manufacture in the future.

The company also said it wants to be able to sell the panels to other industries that need aluminum.

The aluminum panels have a range of uses including doors, door gates, door hinges, and window coverings.