When a new security door opens, it opens aluminum

New York City police are looking to build a fleet of security doors that open on aluminum, which they claim could be used to prevent terrorists from hiding in cars.

The police department said in a press release Wednesday that it is working with a company called ALMAD to design a new type of aluminum security door, which could be deployed in a range of vehicles, including passenger vans, taxis and minivans.

The doors could also be installed on vehicles to make them more secure, it said.

The press release did not say how many doors would be built.

ALMADE, a New York-based company, made the door, called a “compact,” and said it was designed for “high-security applications,” including those that require the security of multiple vehicles.

The company also said the doors could be installed inside buildings and could be “disposable.”

Aluminum is the most common material in cars, and it is widely used in most vehicles, said Mark Zuk, an analyst at Kelley Blue Book.

In 2014, more than 10 million cars were built in the U.S. with aluminum on the rear and sides.

But the security door technology has come under fire.

The U.K.-based U.N. Interim Committee on the Elimination of all forms of Discrimination against Women (ICDRW) said in July that the door technology is “totally inadequate” and that it should be scrapped.

A spokesman for the group said the committee is “very concerned” about the safety of the doors.