What’s the deal with the new aluminum doors in the NFL?

The NFL’s aluminum doors were designed with the goal of keeping players fresh, warm and dry during the season and have become a key part of the league’s sustainability initiative.

But that is about to change, with the NFL announcing on Thursday that the league will stop using aluminum on its new exterior surfaces.

The league also will not use any aluminum in its new football helmets.

In addition, the NFL’s new uniforms will use only aluminum as the exterior finish.

“This decision reflects our commitment to continue using materials that are sustainable,” NFL spokesman Michael Signora told on Thursday.

“We want our players to feel safe, and we want them to play well, but we also want them not to feel like they’re being cheated by the industry.”

The NFL’s decision comes amid an uproar over the league and the union’s use of cheap, lightweight aluminum in the construction of helmets.

The NFL has been criticized for using cheap materials and high-tech manufacturing processes to create helmets that are more than just “just” aluminum.

The league is using a process called “copper injection,” which uses copper powder, and the NFLPA is calling for the league to use more environmentally friendly materials.

Aluminum is a cheap, high-quality metal that’s used in sports like soccer, basketball, baseball and soccer balls.

The union has also criticized the league for using low-density polyethylene as its helmet materials.

The NFL said it will use a new, “less costly” aluminum-containing composite, which it says will be used in future helmet designs.

Aluminum composite was used for the previous helmets, but the league is now replacing it with aluminum-based materials that it says can withstand a longer-lasting durability and will be less prone to cracking.

The union says the new material will also be used for exterior paint, and a spokesman said that the union will not support the use of any other type of exterior paint or coating.

“We have not seen this new material as effective as the steel composite that was used on the first two new helmets, and this will be our last attempt at using it on any other product,” union spokesman Chris Lohr said.

“The new composite will not be used on any helmet product in the foreseeable future.”

The new aluminum helmets are expected to cost between $200 and $300.

In an effort to attract players, the league has already offered to give a discount to players in order to lure them to the league.