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Inside a brand-new Tesla Model S—with a full interior

The Tesla Model 3’s interior is a bit more open than the Model S’, with more than 50 different materials on display, including aluminum and carbon fiber.

But there’s more.

A special “automated” door opening system, which is still being tested, will allow drivers to access their Tesla’s interior with their own hands.

The company says it is “working hard to bring this technology to other Tesla vehicles as well.”

The Model 3 is a lot more expensive than its predecessor, and it comes with a host of other extras.

It’s a fully electric vehicle, with a starting price of $35,000, and comes with more interior options.

But for the time being, Tesla isn’t revealing much about the interior of the Model 3.

For example, we only have a glimpse at the interior floor mats, but the company is working on some more interior detailing, including a “full-screen LED infotainment display.”

The company’s website also shows that the Model 2 had a full-sized leather-wrapped steering wheel, but no LED display.

Tesla also showed off a Model S prototype with its own interior, which has a full cabin.

Tesla says the Model 4 will have a “seamless” interior, and Tesla says its Model 3 and Model S will also have “specially designed” seats, though we didn’t get to see the seats yet.

We did get to watch an “autonomous” Model S Model S sedan, though it didn’t have any of the interior features Tesla showed us.

The Model 3 has a fully integrated steering wheel.

And as the company revealed, Tesla will be adding a “personalized” display to the Model X. That is, we will get a personalized version of the Tesla logo and number.

And in the case of the X, Tesla is adding a new version of Tesla’s Autopilot, which will allow it to avoid hitting the brakes in some situations.

Tesla is also announcing a new line of Model 3 electric cars, which the company says will be available later this year, starting at $35 a month for the base model.

Tesla is also unveiling an “Autopilot” version of its Model S sedans, with “autopilot features” like lane keeping assist and self-driving capability.

The X is expected to be the first Tesla model to get these “Autobet” features.