How to get an aluminium front door on a Honda Civic Type R

The front door of a Honda civic vehicle is usually made of aluminum.

This is a common design choice for Honda vehicles, which are often painted white to protect the car from the elements.

But Honda is one of the few manufacturers to offer a metal front door.

This article will walk you through the steps to installing an aluminium door on your Honda Civic type R.1.

Install the door trim.

The door trim on the Honda Civic is made of metal.

This material is commonly used for exterior doors.

The front bumper and door sills are typically made of aluminium, while the rear bumper and rear door sill are made of wood.

The interior trim is made out of aluminium.2.

Apply the vinyl trim.

This trim is applied to the door sashes, bumper and the front bumper of the car.

This adds to the overall aesthetic and adds to its durability.3.

Install it.

The vinyl trim should sit flush against the door and seal the area with a clear coat of vinyl.

The first step is to apply the vinyl on the inside of the door.

The adhesive is used to attach the vinyl to the doors.

If you don’t have a vinyl cutter, you can use a vinyl brush to apply vinyl to your door trim pieces.4.

Apply glue.

You can apply glue to your front door trim to prevent the vinyl from falling off.

The glue is applied in a downward motion to the vinyl, creating a seal that holds the vinyl in place.5.


After the vinyl has been applied, you will need to apply a small amount of glue to the front door sash.

Apply a small, straight strip of glue along the front edge of the sash, then apply a second strip of adhesive to the sashes bottom.

The rear door trim is attached to the rear of the Honda by a single strip of metal that extends into the door opening.

The plastic is attached in the middle.

The hinge on the hinge can be removed to allow the hinge to be moved.

You will also need to attach a plastic strap to the plastic strap.

This will secure the door to the Honda.6. Enjoy!