An aluminum door fix can be an easy fix for an aluminum door

An aluminum repair kit can be a quick and inexpensive fix for a rust-filled aluminum door, according to the owners of a company that has been repairing rust-covered doors since 1995.

“I think aluminum door repairs are an easy way to fix the door,” said Tom Trenholm, who founded a company called Aluminum Door Repair that has since grown into a company with an international reputation for its service.

“It’s a very inexpensive way to repair a rust door.”

The company’s first two projects involved an aluminum front door that had a large hole and cracked, and a door with a crack-prone frame that was repaired by removing the frame from the door.

Aluminum door repairs, which often involve removing the entire frame of the door, are usually done with a small bolt or hammer.

To remove the frame, the contractor must drill a small hole into the door and remove the metal sheet, then remove the door from the frame.

Trenham said he and his wife, Carol, built a homemade frame to use in their first project.

The aluminum frame was installed on the frame of their house in 2001.

The door had cracked in many places, but the repair was a breeze.

“We had just installed a garage door and we thought, well, what do we need an aluminum frame to do this?”

Carol Trenholms said.

Teneham said the repair kit that he and Carol purchased at Home Depot was a good choice for their repair.

The company offers a number of services to homeowners and homeowners in need, including installing a steel plate on an existing garage door to protect it from being ripped open by rain or snow.

“They have been working with homeowners for almost a decade,” Tenehems said of the company.

Treneham said homeowners can order an aluminum window repair kit at Home Depots website and a kit for aluminum doors at their local hardware store.

“If it’s an aluminum glass door, there are several other options for a quick fix, too,” Trenholds said.

“The most important thing is to go out and get your door fixed properly.”

The Trenhems have repaired more than 400 aluminum doors.

Terena Bostock, a retired teacher who lives in South Carolina, said she had a rusty aluminum door that was in need of repair two years ago.

She found out through the Internet that an aluminum repair would cost $2,400.

The Tenehmans called an experienced metalworker, who recommended that she buy an aluminum panel door frame and then purchase the metal for her aluminum door.

After a quick online search, she bought the aluminum panel frame for $2.50 at HomeDepots website.

Terenholms added that the repair could have been done much faster if he or she had taken the time to read the instructions before doing the work.

“You could have gone into the garage and started drilling a hole, or you could have done it in the garage,” he said.

Bostocks aluminum door was still in good condition when she got it repaired.

“When I was in the car, I didn’t even realize it was broken until I got home,” she said.