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Aluminum door chocks can cost up to $4,000,000

A new aluminum door system that costs between $4 and $6,000 could make a home more spacious or more durable.

In a new video, a homeowner in South Dakota describes how he bought the system with the intention of making his home more comfortable and safe.

The homeowner uses an aluminum door to keep out the elements.

The video was created by HomeAway, an organization that works to help homeowners with home repairs and remodels.

The organization says the system can save homeowners up to 10 percent on their home’s price.

The system is made from lightweight aluminum that can be bolted to a metal door chocker.

A series of metal brackets secures the aluminum chock to the door and to the floor.

The metal door can be attached to a frame.

In some cases, the door can even be hung from a ceiling joist.

A small hole can be made to the aluminum door in order to install the chock.

The aluminum chocks are made of a thin, high-strength plastic.

They can withstand the pressure of the elements and can withstand up to 50 pounds of force.

The HomeAwavers website describes the aluminum doors as “a simple yet effective solution to improving the comfort and safety of your home and community.”