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Why you should wear aluminum tassels instead of aluminum doors

A recent report by CBS News says aluminum door tiles could be the answer to a lot of your problems.

A new study found that a typical American household uses up to 80 percent more aluminum doors than they should.

The study looked at the average residential aluminum roof panel thickness, the number of windows per inch and the cost per square foot.

The researchers found that average aluminum door panel thickness was 5 inches or longer than the typical residential roof panel.

That’s one inch longer than a typical roof panel would be for a typical home.

The average cost per sq. foot was $1,000, which was $25 higher than the average cost of a typical residential residential roof.

The study found the cost of aluminum door panels in the U.S. is about 10 percent higher than it was a decade ago.

The cost of the aluminum door system in the study is about $1.60 per square inch, compared to the $3.80 per square inches of the average system in 2010.

The report also found that the average price per sq ft of aluminum roof panels is now about $12 per square ft.CBS News reports the report, “Aluminum Roofs, Your Door Problems and Your Money,” was commissioned by the Aluminum Foundation, a nonprofit organization focused on building affordable, high-quality, and durable products.