New aluminium access doors designed by architect:

By Nick JonesSource: BBC Sport article A new type of aluminium door designed by a Bristol-based architecture firm is set to revolutionise access to residential property.

The new door, called the aluminium access door (AED), is made of aluminium alloy, which is lightweight and flexible, and can be easily bolted onto existing doors.

It is designed to help improve safety and security in the house, as well as the overall design of the property, with its modular design, which means it can be modified to suit a number of different types of access.

The AED was designed by design studio Lutzmann Architects and is the result of the company’s five-year research project into new ways to use aluminium, said David Houghton, senior director at Lutzman.

“The project was driven by our ambition to find a new way to reuse materials in new and interesting ways,” he said.

“In the process we’ve discovered that aluminium is not only a material, it is also a structural material, and is an extremely resilient material.”

We realised we could create something that is as safe and strong as steel, and as flexible as aluminium, but as much fun to work with as steel.

“Mr Houghtons team have been working on this project since the late 1990s, and have recently received the green light to start work on the AED, which will be unveiled at the Bristol Design Festival in March.”

When you look at the Aeds modular design the flexibility of the door opens up a whole range of possibilities,” he explained.”

You can get a door that’s a bit like a door on a ladder, or it can have a bit of a curve and a little bit of space.”AEDs are designed for a range of different applications, from being used for entry and exit points, to a door with a bit more of a ‘sloped’ appearance.”

He said that a number other new designs could be in the pipeline, which could be further refined before the Aed is introduced into homes.

The first AED will be installed in Bristol this year, and will be a two-level door, with an open top.

The doors are designed to be easily detached from existing doors and doors that have been modified for other uses, like ventilation, and to allow the door to be attached to the existing floor, he added.

Lutzmann is also working on a new range of aluminium doors, which Mr Houghons team have said will be available for sale to residential buyers, and are expected to be unveiled in 2019.

The aluminium access floor is also part of the design, with a “slim and compact” profile, and a “glued-on” surface.

Lulzmann Architects will be offering the doors for sale at the Design Festival, along with a range from other architectural firms.

The company has previously developed aluminium doors for construction, and also designed the aluminium entry door for the new Brighton-based housing association, Harington Homes.

Lutmann Architects has previously designed and produced doors for a number major residential projects in England, including the home of the late Peter Jennings, and the new residential housing project in London, which was announced by the mayor last year.