How I Built the Aluminum Ceiling Door of My Home

Posted May 19, 2018 08:32:50I’ve spent the last couple years building my home in Southern California’s San Fernando Valley, but it was always a dream to build an aluminum balcony door for my living room.

I thought it would be easy to build, but I found the process a bit complicated.

My aluminum doors are all made of aluminum, and the construction process involved drilling holes through the aluminum to install the door panels.

I was happy to find the process was pretty simple and that I could assemble the doors in under two hours, and my friends and I were so excited to finally have our doors finished.

We spent several months building our first balcony door, and it’s now been sitting in my living space since I finished the project.

The steps involved in building the door are a bit different than the process I used to build the doors on the wall, but the process is the same.

First, the door is built to the exact size it needs to be, using aluminum.

Next, a piece of plywood is cut out to match the size of the door, then the door panel is screwed together to hold the door in place.

The door is then glued into place.

After the door has been glued into the plywood, it is coated with polyurethane and then painted with clear coat to give the door a metallic finish.

We painted the door to match our home, and our neighbors were thrilled to see how they could get their own door installed in the living room, but we were also pleased to be able to share this with them.

To build this door, we had to build a frame.

The frame is comprised of two panels, one of which is aluminum and the other is aluminum alloy.

The two panels are screwed together with a nut, and then the assembly is done.

We used a metal pipe, and an 8-foot piece of 4-inch plywood was used for the framing.

Once the frame was assembled, we put the door together and painted it with clear, black paint.

We then used the aluminum panels to attach the door frame to the wall.

To finish the door and install it, we glued the door into the wall with screws, and we painted it.

We were so proud of our aluminum balcony doors, and I hope they have as much fun building them as we did!

You can learn more about building aluminum balconies with this video, as well as more about the process of making an aluminum door, here.

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