Aussie’s wife’s car has a hidden metal door

The interior of a 2004 Mercedes-Benz E-Class was once covered in heavy metal, but it’s now being fitted with an aluminum door that can lock the vehicle shut when it’s not in use.

The door, which is meant to protect occupants from theft, was installed by an employee at a car wash in Sydney’s north on Tuesday.

It’s the first time a car’s interior has been fitted with a door locking system, according to The Irish News.

A spokesperson for the car wash, which has since closed, said it had been using the door as part of an internal maintenance program to ensure it could remain in service until it was replaced.

“As we’ve said before, we take customer safety very seriously and as such, we do not install metal doors,” they said.

“We have always maintained a level of privacy around our customer’s cars and their contents.”

“The door locking systems are a standard feature on all of our vehicles, and in some cases, are installed by our customers to ensure they have access to the vehicle when the doors are not in operation.”

The spokesperson said the door was installed to prevent theft.

The car wash manager said the employee had been out for a quick ride, and had parked the car in the car washing business.

“When the driver arrived home, he noticed there was an old door locked,” the spokesperson said.

The customer’s car had a broken down engine, which meant he didn’t have the option to use the car to wash the car.

The mechanic removed the door, removed the engine and replaced it.

The manager said he believed it was an accident.

“It’s not the first car I’ve seen where there’s a metal door that’s locked.

I’ve been out there a few times where there have been locks on the doors,” he said.