Aluminum door doors raked with scratches

The doors of a rental vehicle raked by snow, ice and mud on a road near the southern Indian city of Chennai are now cracked and the hinges and sliding panels are also in shambles, reports The Hindu.

The damage is being caused by a hail storm that has struck a stretch of the highway.

The snowstorm struck last week, leaving the roads impassable and trapping many of the city’s motorists.

As a result, there are no roads left open for vehicles to cross and traffic is slow.

Rental vehicle owners are now left with towing a large number of trailers for repair.

The vehicles have raked the roads with ice and snow since late February, when the roads were closed due to the heavy snowfall.

According to a Chennai resident, a rental truck driver and a mechanic of a shop have now toiled to repair the broken door hinges and the raked metal doors.

The damaged doors have been removed from the rental vehicle.

The damaged hinges were removed from a rental van.

According to The Hindu, the snow storm caused a hail shower, which has caused the ice to freeze over the cracked metal door hinges.

The ice was causing the cracks and the sliding panels to be damaged, said a source close to the situation.

The damage caused by the hail storm, which started on March 8 and lasted until March 17, was first spotted by local residents.

The city is one of the most populated in India, and has a large Muslim population.

The storm caused some damage to the roads in Chennai, but the situation has improved recently.

According to local residents, some of the snow that fell during the storm was frozen, but it has started to thaw and thaw again.

They also said that the damaged metal doors were not rusting and the door hinges had been repaired.

On Tuesday, the city council of Chennai ordered the city administration to remove all the damaged vehicles from the road, and to install snow-resistant roofing material on them.